We Help B2B Businesses Scale Faster With Automation


Our Process To Save You At Least $50,000/Year

Our goal is to help you generate more profit with fewer resources through automating entire workflows.

Process Mapping

We will map out every little detail of your workflows to put together an automation roadmap aligned with your goals.

Automation Building

We will build & integrate all the automations with your current systems and software all done-for-you.

AI Consulting

We'll help you tackle the vast AI landscape to identify the best tools to supercharge your automations.

Prompt Engineering

We'll help you unlock the power of large language models in automations using our prompt engineering frameworks.

Take On More Clients With Less Work

Deliver Results Faster

Take on more clients by having rock solid operations in place to deliver client exceptional results faster.

Happier clients

Spend more time with your clients to build relationships rather than in your project management software.

Accurate Decision Making

Increase the accuracy & speed of your decision making to scale your business faster.

Our Automations Work With Your Existing Software

We've built custom automations with over 100+ different tools

Our 3 Step Framework To
Get You Results

Our simple 3 step process to get you an extra $50k or more per year or you don't pay.


Our Process

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  • Review of your current operations.
  • Business goals aligned with automations
  • Identify the highest ROI automations & software

Process Design & Automation Buildout

  • We'll break your workflow down to details
  • We'll use process design to map out your current systems & improve when possible

Sit Back And Relax

  • Enjoy an extra 20-30 hours per week.
  • Scale infinitely with automated operations

Feedback From Founders

Don’t just take our word for it

Ian Leman

"Thanks to their automations, we've not only multiplied our outreach by 6x but also freed up our team to take on more meaningful projects."

Alex Penunuri
Shredded Growth

"I've worked with other automation
agencies in the past and they will give you the product and then they will disappear on you but Mike is always super hands on. I really cannot
recommend working with Mike enough."

Ken Blowfield
Kristen Bertolini Designs

"It's going to be the best decision to move the needle in your business forward... You need these automations and you need, Mike."

Matthew Penchuk
Search Strategy Marketing

"Every time we've talked with Mike he wants to see us grow, and we want the same for other parts of our business. Within this first month, I can tell already ready, that we're saving time on our sales process. And for me, that's invaluable. Too many late nights."

Oliver Vatsfeldt

"We were drowning in custom work with B2B sales and now save at least 2 hours a day & our revenue has increased to €15,000 a month. We've also managed to increase our average order value by 2x.  I don't know why we didn't do this earlier?"

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can you automate?

We specialize in automating your day-to-day admin and project management chores—stuff you'd typically outsource.

If you're on the fence about a task's value, give it a test run with your team first.

Each business is unique, so the first move is to schedule a chat with us. Let's figure out how we can save you time and boost your bottom line.

2. Is it possible to automate our task?


if the task is clear-cut and can be done online, we're pretty confident we can handle it—even if you're not sure about the specifics.

Typically, we can take over about 80% of the work you'd usually assign to a Virtual Assistant costing you between $1,500 and $2,000.

Why not schedule a call to dive deeper into what you need?

3. What platforms do you work with?

We generally opt for Make.com for automating workflows, as it's more versatile than Zapier. We also sync with your preferred email services like Gmail, and task management tools such as Asana, Google Sheets, AirTable, and Trello.

The key is that we get the essence of your business, the client load you handle, and the operational hurdles you face.

We're not locked into any one platform; instead, we suggest solutions that fit your current situation and can grow with you.

7. How quickly can I see results?

The timeline for results varies depending on the complexity of the automation. However, most clients start seeing noticeable improvements within the first month.

8. Do you offer coaching for my team?

Yes, we provide training sessions to help your team get the most out of the automations & AI.